Sifu Travis Alschbach

Sifu Travis Alschbach has studied the Northern Long Fist Kung Fu (Nanjing Guosu Inst.) & Southern Five Animals Kung Fu (Hung Family) for over 20 years in both the U.S.A and Taiwan. Sifu Travis (Sifu means teacher in Chinese) has promoted these styles through countless public demonstrations, seminars and publications. His articles can be found in international magazines including: Inside Kung Fu, Journal of Asian Martial Arts and Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine.

He holds a Coach’s Certificate from the Taipei Martial Arts Association and is ranked as a 5th Degree by the Ta Lung Shaolin Hung Boxing General Association. Travis has a B.A. in Economics & Finance from the University of Texas Dallas. He is a ten year veteran of the Dallas Police Department as well as President of the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute in Plano, TX.

All martial arts Instructors at the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute have undergone a rigorous training program covering technique details, applications, training and teaching methods and possessing great interpersonal skills, excellent teaching ability and the highest moral character as well as being certified by the World Chinese Martial Arts Federation. All martial arts classes at the Institute are taught and directed by Sifu Travis Alschbach with the support of our highly skilled and talented Assistant Instructors.


The Taipei Martial Arts Association was founded in 1951 and upgraded to the national level in 1967 when Taipei was recognized as a special municipality. Over the years the association grew as many students and masters came to teach, study and join association events. Grandmaster Huang was soon recognized as a leader in the martial arts community of Taiwan. The Taipei Martial Arts Association includes several subdivisions including:  the World Chi Kung Society, the World Chinese Martial Arts Federation, the Taipei Chinese Kung Fu Association and the Chinese Medicine Research Association.

In addition the association publishes a monthly magazine on Chinese martial arts and physical fitness which is distributed in Taiwan and to members around the world. The Taipei Chinese Kung Fu Association oversees over 400 martial arts schools throughout the world. The Association is also the host of the World Kung Fu Championships which are held yearly in Taiwan.

Grandmaster Dr. Huang Sian Teh  

martial arts studio plano txGrandmaster Huang Sian Teh was born in 1919 in Fukian Province, China soon after the fall of the last emperor of the Ching Dynasty. This was a dangerous and violent period in Chinese history with much lawlessness and civil war raging throughout the country. Due to the dangerous times Master Huang’s father sent him to study Northern & Southern Shaolin Kung Fu at the age of five. There were many highly skilled Shaolin masters in the area due to the southern Shaolin Temple located in Fukian. In 1939 Master Huang joined the army in order to defend the country from the invading Japanese during WWII. During this time Master Huang’s bravery and courage were recognized and he was promoted to General of the Chinese Army. During WWII Master Huang was in Charge of the “Tiger Division” a fierce battalion of fighters which fought in over 100 battles without ever suffering a defeat.

After WWII when the country was weakened and in disarray the communist rebels seized the advantage and launched an offensive against the government troops which led the Army of the Republic of China to withdraw to the island of Taiwan. Master Huang relocated to Taiwan at this time and became a police officer to help establish law and order on the dangerous and lawless Island. While working for the police force in Taiwan Master Huang also served as a hand to hand combat teacher at the police academy.

Many of the top masters that relocated to Taiwan taught their martial arts to either the military or the police. It was while serving at the Taiwan Police Academy that Grandmaster Huang met and befriended Grandmaster Fan Chi Sau, the two would remain in friends and leaders of the martial arts community in Taiwan for nearly half a century. Later Master Huang was appointed President and Chairman of the Taipei Martial Arts Association in charge of organizing the World Kung Fu Championship in the R.O.C., publishing the martial arts magazine for the capital city as well as training and issuing teaching certificates to martial arts teachers, bone setters and herbal doctors in the capital city of Taipei. He passed away on November 20th 2013 aged 94.