Chinese Kung Fu Fast Wrestling & Free Fighting

martial arts gym karate plano txYou Can Train Like a (MMA) Mixed Martial Arts Athlete with the proven techniques of Chinese martial arts

San Shou Kuai Chiao is the powerful Chinese kung fu method of fast wrestling & free fighting

This program will get you into amazing shape while teaching you step-by-step the secrets of Chinese free fighting.

The Chinese Kung Fu Fight Conditioning classes focus on San Shou Kuai Chiao (Chinese Fast Wrestling and Free Fighting) including Stand up Striking (Ti / Da), Takedowns (Shuai Chiao) and Ground Fighting Techniques (Chin Na Fa) from the techniques of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts. Our Fight Conditioning classes are good for San Da (San Shou) competition training, self-defense, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and fitness.

Improve your skills with exciting, clear-cut training at the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute.

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