As you are considering Karate or Martial Arts here in Plano our goal is to help you make the best choice possible.

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When considering martial arts classes in Plano there are many options such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do or mixed martial arts (mma). However the proven benefits of Traditional Chinese Kung Fu offer a compelling training advantage.

There are many styles of martial arts out there. Some styles are narrow in scope focusing on just one of the four primary aspects of martial arts (kick, strike, wrestle, lock). Other styles are sport oriented, focused on scoring points or tournament competition. Chinese martial arts are the oldest and most complete of the martial arts. Chinese kung Fu was first documented in the “Spring and Autumn period” over 1,500 years ago and includes all aspects fighting skills as well as internal training. The two Kung Fu styles our students learn are Shaolin Five Animals and Northern Long Fist… Below is a short description of the Northern Shaolin style.

 Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu “Chang Quan”

The Northern Shaolin Martial Arts of China are characterized by swift powerful kicks and rapid agile footwork utilized to overwhelm and evade the opponent while specializing in fighting from the middle and long ranges. The northern shaolin martial arts taught at the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute kung fu school in Plano were passed down from Grandmaster Fan Chi Sau who was an expert in Northern Shaolin Long Fist “Chang Quan” and a 1935 graduate from the famous Nanjing Martial Arts Academy. The Martial Arts classes taught at Nanjing were divided based on style with the three main internal kung fu styles classified as “Wudang” and the external martial arts classified as “Shaolin” with the core curriculum based on Shaolin Long Fist kung fu.

Fmartial arts plano txan Chi Sau was an expert in martial arts before he was selected through National examinations as one of the few representatives from his home province of Shandong to be admitted to the Nanjing Guosu Academy where he underwent training from many of the top Kung Fu Masters in China. He specialized in Hongquan”Red Fist”, Qing Ping Jian “Green Water Lilly Sword” and Taizu Chang Quan “Emperors Long Fist”.

Fan Chi Sau graduated from the Nanjing Martial Arts Academy in 1935 and entered the Army to fight the Japanese and later the communists. In 1949 as the communists took control of the mainland the Nationalists set up their government in Taiwan, Republic of China (ROC). Many famous kung fu Masters and graduates of the elite Nanjing Martial Arts Academy left the mainland for Taiwan at this time including Fan Chi Sau, Han Qing Tang, Fu Shu Yun, and Chang Tung Sheng.

In Taiwan Master Fan Chi Sau become well known as the top Sword Master and was especially famous for his skill in Qing Ping Sword. Master Fan taught his Northern Shaolin at the Taiwan Police Academy and later at the Taiwan Culture University.

The Northern Shaolin Kung Fu taught at the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute martial arts school in Plano, TX was passed down from Master Fan Chi Sau and was organized at the Nanjing Martial Arts Institute during the Chinese Republican era (1911 – 1949).

Unleash the proven skills of Chinese martial arts and continue the Shaolin Tradition now!