At the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute kung fu school the students enjoy two large training floors as well as a wide array of traditional training equipment including the Mook Jong or Wooden Dummy used to train timing, distance, speed and condition the students body. While the Institute has multiple group classes in Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Yoga and San Shou Kuai Chiao available every day. The comprehensive training curriculum of the Institute includes:

  • Traditional Forms
  • Chinese Weapons
  • Sparring
  • Shaolin 5-Animals
  • Chin Na
  • Shuai Chiao
  • Chi Gung
  • History
  • Philosophy

“True words need no shouting.”

karate school plano tx

School Rules

  1. The founder of the school to be addressed as Sifu.
  2. Proper uniform and belt are required at all times.
  3. Shoes must be removed before entering the school.
  4. A bow is given to the Sifu or Instructor when entering or leaving the school and when entering or leaving the workout area.
  5. Do not chew gum during class, it can affect your breathing.
  6. The use of profanity or derogatory language is not allowed within the school and should be avoided outside as well.
  7. Exercise proper hygiene by coming to class clean and well groomed.
  8. Following Chinese tradition and respect always address your teachers and fellow students by last name.
  9. Always come to class on time and if you are late bow to the Instructor before joining the class.
  10. Do not bring food or drinks into the school with the exception of water.
  11. If you are unable to attend class, notify your Instructor as soon as possible.
  12. The Kung Fu school is for training, not for gossiping or excessive talking, try to keep conversation to a minimum and focus on your martial arts training.
  13. Do not interrupt the instructor when he or she is teaching.
  14. A shirt is required to enter and leave the school.
  15. Do not teach what you have learned without the Instructors permission, this is how bad habits or improper techniques are passed to other students.
  16. Always use self control and good technique to avoid injury to yourself and others.
  17. Help to keep your school neat and clean.
  18. Remove jewelry and watches before working out.
  19. Keep a clear mind and a healthy body, smoking, taking drugs or drinking alcohol are not allowed on the school premises and should be avoided outside of class as well.
  20. Control your emotions at all times especially when you become tired or frustrated. Learning Chinese Kung Fu takes much time and energy and along the way you will develop a healthy body as well as a strong will.

 “Only by learning do we discover how little we know.”

Denise K. Alschbach

Vice President

Denise Alschbach began her training of Chinese Kung Fu in 1999 at the Chinese Martial Arts Institute founded by Grandmaster Silvio Azzolini in 1986.

While training at the Institute she received numerous honors for her achievements and skill. During this time she trained as an Instructor and achieved her 1st degree Black Belt.

After earning her black belt Denise continued to train in kung fu, yoga and tai chi In addition she traveled extensively to Taiwan and around the USA to train with the best martial arts masters including the world renowned Dr. Yang Jwing Ming of California and Lin Chi Young of New York.

Mrs. Alschbach is a 2nd Degree Black Belt certified by the Taipei Martial Arts Association as well as Vice President of the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute martial arts school in Plano, TX.

Logan M. Alschbach


Mr. Alschbach began his training at the age of nine under Master Dr. Silvio Azzolini. Mr. Alschbach earned the level of 1st Degree Black Belt in Northern & Southern Style Shaolin Kung Fu in 1994 from the World Chinese Martial Arts Federation certified by Grandmaster Dr. Huang Sian Teh. Mr. Alschbach graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Political Science in 2004. Mr. Alschbach has studied traditional Tae Kwon Do, Yoga and Sword Fighting. In 1992 and 1993 Mr. Alschbach competed in the Annual Chinese Martial Arts Championship winning numerous gold medals for his high level of kung fu skill and ability. Mr. Alschbach is the Chairman of the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute Black Belt Board.

Gabriel A. Hildalgo

Vice Chairman

Mr. Hidalgo began training in the martial arts at the age of 12 and earned the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt in 1995 from the Taipei Chinese Kung Fu Association Certified by Grandmaster Dr. Huang Sian Teh and Master Yu Siang Lin. Mr. Hidalgo Graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics. Mr. Hidalgo has served as a member of the 2004 Chinese Martial Arts Demonstration Team and is the Vice Chairman of the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute Black Belt Board.