Sifu Travis Alschbach

President / Head Instructor

martial arts for adults plano txMy name is Travis Alschbach, I am the Sifu and Head Instructor of the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute martial arts school in Plano, TX. I have a passion for teaching and practicing Chinese martial arts which has not faded since I began in 1990.

This passion has led me to study martial arts in both the USA and Taiwan over the past 24 years. I have used that experience to help countless students learn valuable martial arts skills and build the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute into one of the top Martial Arts schools in the country known for its extensive traditional martial arts curriculum and proven teaching style.

My students include Grand Champions, National Champions and World Champions recognized for their Chinese martial arts skills and abilities.

At the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute martial arts school we teach two powerful kung fu styles including Northern Shaolin Long Fist & Five Animals Hung Ga.

We also teach classes in Tai Chi, Yoga and Chinese Fast Wrestling & Free Fighting.

I have promoted these proven styles through countless public demonstrations, seminars and publications. My articles can be found in International magazines including: Inside Kung Fu, Journal of Asian Martial Arts and Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine.

I graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a B.A. in Economics & Finance. I am recognized as a 5th Degree Black Belt by the Shaolin Hung Boxing Association. I also hold a Coach’s certificate from the Elite Taipei Martial Arts Association, founded in 1951.

I am a ten year veteran of the Dallas Police Department as well as President & Head Instructor of the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute martial arts school in Plano, TX, which was recognized as “Best Martial Arts School in Plano” by Cities Best!


Denise K. Alschbach

Vice President

martial arts school for kids plano txDenise Alschbach began her training of Chinese Kung Fu in 1999 at the Chinese Martial Arts Institute founded by Grandmaster Silvio Azzolini in 1986.

While training at the Institute she received numerous honors for her achievements and skill. During this time she trained as an Instructor and achieved her 1st degree Black Belt.

After earning her black belt Denise continued to train in kung fu, yoga and tai chi In addition she traveled extensively to Taiwan and around the USA to train with the best martial arts masters including the world renowned Dr. Yang Jwing Ming of California and Lin Chi Young of New York.

Mrs. Alschbach is a 2nd Degree Black Belt certified by the Taipei Martial Arts Association as well as Vice President of the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute martial arts school in Plano, TX.