Training at the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute

The SWYI provides traditional training in Northern & Southern Shaolin Kung Fu including the Long Fist (Chang Chuan) & Five Animals Style (Wu Xing Chuan). This includes the four basic aspects of Chinese martial arts which are: Kicking (Ti), Striking (Da), Wrestling (Shuai) and Controlling (Na) as well as the training of Traditional Chinese Weapons. At the Institute we use a combination a group & private classes in order to train our students in the most effective way possible.

Each student is able to attend group classes six days a week if they wish and each Adult receives one private class per week. The private training session is one half hour of training with only the teacher and student so that the instructor can focus directly on teaching new techniques and correcting the particular mistakes of the student as well as answering all of the student’s questions.

The group classes are used to train the student in the techniques he or she has already learned in order to bring the student to a higher level of skill while building greater strength and endurance.