The Best Adult Kung Fu Classes Right Here in Plano…

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Our personalized martial arts program covers a wide variety proven kung fu skills.

The Adult Kung Fu classes cover forms, Shaolin Five Animals, flexibility, speed, balance, weapons, conditioning, footwork, bridge hands, fighting forms, sparring, Chi Kung, meditation, Shuai Chiao (takedowns),Chin Na (grappling & controlling) and much more…

You can expect to be pushed to work hard while learning unique kung fu skills and having fun.

Many of our adult members tell us they have always wanted to learn Kung Fu.

Once you experience the positive environment and our supportive team of instructors you’ll see how your life will be impacted with step-by-step instruction in Chinese martial arts.

You can try out a complimentary kung fu lesson and learn more about our school.

Take the first step. We’ve made it simple for you.