Self Defense, This seminar focuses on practical and easy to apply self defense techniques as well as strategies and habits that the student can adopt to deal with and avoid all types of criminal attacks. The Seminar will help the student to become prepared both mentally and physically for the realities of a variety of self defense situations.


Tai Chi Chuan, The student will be introduced to the basic short form of Tai Chi Chuan as well as self defense applications, chi gung and proper breathing. Either the Yang or Wu style will be taught. Tai Chi Chuan is an excellent form of exercise which can be used to achieve the highest levels of physical well being. Tai Chi Chuan is the most popular and widespread martial style in the world and is practiced on a daily basis by millions of people.


Meditation, Meditation is the method used to train the mind in order reach a higher level of focus and concentration. Basic principles and techniques of meditation will be taught as well as proper breathing methods. Meditation has been used for over one thousand years in China to train the mind in order to reach a state of deep calm and relaxation that has been proven successful in lowering blood pressure and greatly reducing stress.


Long Fist, This seminar will teach a set from the Northern Long Fist Style or Chang Chuan. The complete Long Fist Form will be taught as well as fighting applications of the techniques. One of the following forms will be taught per seminar, Lien Bu Chuan, Gung Li Chuan, San Tien Chuan, Jing Lung Chuan or Hung Chuan


Chin Na, All Chinese martial arts consist of four methods which are, Ti (strike), Da (kick), Shuai (wrestle), Na (control). Chi Na is the art of seizing and controlling also known as joint locking. Each seminar will teach a different set of joint locking techniques, their applications and counter attacks when appropriate.


Chi Gung, Chi Gung is the art of training the internal energy or Chi. Chi is known to western doctors as bioelectricity and is the natural energy that flows throughout the central nervous system and is vital for good health. Chi Gung teaches the proper techniques used to deeply relax the body by combining deep breathing with a clear and focused mind. The seminars will examine Shaolin Chi Gung as well as Tai Chi Chi Gung.


Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine has been developing for over four thousand years and offers a variety of techniques to maintain a vibrant and healthy body & mind. This seminar will cover theories and practices of traditional Chinese medicine that are beneficial for the students health including areas such as diet, nutrition and Chinese herbs.


Many other Seminar topics are offered in addition to those listed Guest Masters are also regularly invited to offer seminars on material outside the regular curriculum.