Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute Philosophy

“Those who know the way do not speak of it. Those who are ever ready to speak of it do not know it.”

Many believe the only purpose for training in martial arts is to learn to fight. This is sad because the training of martial arts offers so much more than just fighting skills. Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu teaches the student to train both the body and mind to their highest levels so that he/she may live a longer and more fulfilling life. One of the most important aspects of Chinese Martial Arts is morality, in Shaolin Kung Fu there are two aspects of morality that are taught.

The first is morality of the mind or thought which includes Will, Endurance, Perseverance, Patience and Bravery. The second aspect is morality of action which consists of Humility, Respect, Righteousness, Trust and Loyalty. These ideals are an integral part of the training curriculum at the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute and are taught alongside the physical aspects of the art in order to help the student reach the highest levels of skill and try to approach self mastery.