kids karate plano tx

The children’s martial arts program at the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute offers a safe and exciting kung fu training experience for kids with a powerful, proven curriculum.

Complete Shaolin Kung Fu training especially tailored to children of all ages.

Chinese Kung Fu is an excellent activity for children because there are so many benefits.

Increased self-confidence, discipline, sense of personal achievement, leadership, fitness and self-defense.

The kids martial arts classes at SWYI include the best Shaolin techniques as well as Kung Fu philosophy such as Humility, Respect, Righteousness, Trust, & Loyalty.

Our Children’s Martial Arts Program includes:
martial arts school for kids plano tx

  • Traditional Forms
  • Kid’s Self Defense
  • History & Philosophy
  • Tournaments
  • Demonstrations
  • Exciting Martial Arts Drills
  • Complete Shaolin Training
  • Confidence Building
  • Traditional Weapons

As compared to common kids martial arts such as “Karate” or “Tae Kwon Do” Kung Fu offers the most compelling option for proven results driven martial arts training, studying Kung Fu at our school offers a safe an exciting path to complete martial arts training including Shaolin forms, self-defense, kung fu weapons, meditation and chi kung (internal kung fu) which adds a layer of mental training to enhance focus and affect all areas of life. Many of these critical skills are not available in the hard styles of karate and tae kwon do or the sports of judo and mma. These rare skills are considered the Best Secrets of Chinese martial arts.

We have been teaching kids in Plano, TX since 2006 and our Sifu (teacher) has been training for over 25 years in both the USA and Taiwan. Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute is home to numerous Grand Champions and World Champions as well as an award winning Martial Arts Demo Team and World Class Instruction.

You can try our martial arts classes at no risk. Register online for your first lesson.