A Shaolin Kung Fu Teacher or Sifu as they are called in Chinese has built a martial arts school in the style which has not been commonly seen in centuries. The Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute located in Plano is a Traditional school of Kung Fu (the Chinese form of karate) with a peaceful, serene and enlightening atmosphere in which one would expect to find a class of kung fu monks perfecting their ancient martial arts skills.

The Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute (wu-yi means martial arts in Chinese) exploded into the Plano community with a spectacular performance by its martial arts demonstration team at the Plano Balloon Festival in 2006. Anyone lucky enough to have seen the demonstration of exotic weapons, gravity defying kicks, and fascinating martial arts routines designed to imitate animals such as the Leopard, Snake, Tiger, Crane and Dragon will surely agree that these unique skills are rarely seen outside China.

The Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute is the result over twenty five years of planning and research by the founder Sifu Travis Alschbach. Sifu Alschbach after having spent more than two decades studying Shaolin Kung Fu as well as visiting many ancient temples in China took all his accumulated knowledge and experience and built a Kung Fu School to resemble the training environment achieved over 1,500 years ago at the Shaolin Temple, considered the birthplace of Chinese Karate known as Kung Fu.

When entering the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute you will feel as if you have traveled back in time to the ancient Kung Fu Temples of Imperial China. In the dimly lit entry way to the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute you will be calmed by the relaxing scent of burning incense and interested by the display of six pictures depicting the postures of the two styles of martial arts taught at the Institute which are the Northern Long Fist and Shaolin Five Animals Styles of Kung Fu. The next thing you will see is a large and imposing stone statue of a fierce Chinese warrior standing like a guardian at the front of the entryway representing the martial arts tradition.

Once you gain entry into the main training hall you will see an enormous training area with a vast collection of Traditional Kung Fu Weapons and ancient training tools. Dividing the practice area in half is the enormous and beautiful brass gong used to call the students to class and focus the mind for meditation. The walls are covered with beautiful painted wall scrolls as well as an impressive display of photos spanning nearly 150 years of the Institutes kung fu lineage. Equally unique and impressive is the style of martial arts being practiced at the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute. The Shaolin Five Animals System is a truly rare form of martial arts rarely found outside China.

Individuals interested in learning the ancient art of Shaolin Kung Fu will have a hard time finding a martial arts school which provides such a powerful combination of Traditional Kung Fu training in such a serene and rejuvenating environment without traveling back in time to the kung fu temples of ancient China.
Shaolin Kung Fu Chinese Karate Martial Arts in Plano